A complete supplier of spare parts for automatic transmissions, DSG/DCT and manual transmissions

We are a supplier of parts for basically all automatic transmissions available on the market today. Our product range has been developed to meet Scandinavian requirements and therefore reflects the Nordic vehicle market. This means that we have a large store full of spare parts for ZF, Mercedes, Aisin, Jatco, Ford, GM and Mitsubishi. We also have a limited supply of parts for Toyota and Allison (heavy duty). Our shelves contain both original and top quality aftermarket products. Furthermore, we are the general agent for the U.S. Transtar Industries Inc. and Precision International, thus dispensing with the need for middlemen.

  • Transtar Industries Inc.

    LBM is the general agent for Transtar, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of aftermarket products for the independent automatic transmission sector. Transtar is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and the company has a long tradition of supplying and distributing everything from complete masterkits to individual hard parts. The company started with two employees in 1975 and grew into a group that today employs 1,500 people all over the world. Transtar’s comprehensive product catalogue can be downloaded here.

  • Precision International

    We are the proud importer of OH-kits from Precision. Precision’s products are well known for being of the highest quality and extremely reliable. This aspect is naturally important to us as we want to be totally confident that our products function perfectly  so that our clients will encounter no problems. Our sister subsidiary STM  purchases Precision products from us, so we know what we are talking about!
    Precision has a long tradition as a supplier of gasket kits and offers a wide selection of kits for all automatic transmission models. So no matter whether you want to rebuild a Jatco JF 506E, a ZF 5HP19 or a TH400, you will always find the appropriate Precision-kit on the shelves at LBM!

  • Original parts (OE)

    We always endeavour to ensure that we have a wide supply of original parts in stock, both wear and hard parts from ZF, Borg Warner, Mercedes, Aisin and Mitsubishi.

  • ATF (transmission oil)

    The issue of oil for an automatic transmission is not all that easy, and we therefore stock a range of oils that meet the needs of many customers. We sell LBM’s own brand with the following specifications: (OE specification, factory fill), JWS 3309, AW1 Low Friction, Dexron II & III, ZF Life Guard Transmission Fluid 5, 6 and 8. It comes in a five litre container but is available in other quantities (¼ barrel, ½ barrel etc.). We also stock original oil from Mitsubishi, specifications SP-IV and SP-III. In addition, we are distributors of Swiss Midland Oil and have its two high quality oils, ATF Omnimatic and ATF Sensomatic, in our stores.
    Read more about our different types of oil here.